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Key philosophy

The translated text should be grammatically perfect and faithful to its source. This necessitates the reflection of details and nuances which characterise the source document, whilst respecting and bringing to the fore the
individual cultural intricacies of the target language.
Such refinement demands highly specialised research into individual areas of terminology, therefore it is imperative to consult experts in the field.

Editing and revision of technical translations:
Here we are fortunate enough to liaise with a network of lawyers, engineers, experts and information specialists for the purpose of ensuring technical perfection of the highest order.

Mag. Francesca Baroni's translation service is predominantly concerned with translations into Italian:
this is targeted towards businessmen/women and professionals who are seeking to set up and strengthen links with Italy.
A translation carried out by a professional and highly experienced mother tongue speaker of the language is the key to a successful corporate image and can avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

Such high quality at such little cost!